How Do I Protect Myself After a Car Accident?

A sudden car accident can make you feel disoriented, panicked and fearful. You may be left severely injured and unsure of what to do. You might be worried that you were at fault in the accident and are anxious about the consequences. As a car accident lawyer like one from Therman Law Offices can tell you, what you do in the following moments, hours or days after an accident can make or break your case. There are important steps you need to take to preserve your legal rights so that you can be protected and recover compensation. 

Stay on the Scene 

No matter how the accident happened, you should never leave the scene of an accident. You can suffer criminal consequences for leaving an accident scene if someone has sustained an injury. Even if there were no injuries or no matter how minimal the damage is after an accident, you should stay on the scene to document evidence and wait for first responders to arrive. 

Document the Accident Scene

As much as possible, try to take your own photos or video of the accident scene. If you are not in a stable condition to do so because of your injuries, have another person document the evidence for you. You will want to provide as many photos as possible so that they can be evaluated for your case. 

Keep Your Statement Simple

When it’s time to give your statement to the police, investigators or insurance adjuster, make sure that your statement is to the point and does not contain exaggerated claims. Doing this will get you in trouble. Your claim can get rejected if you give any false or misleading statements in order to get a higher compensation amount. 

Don’t Admit Fault

Knowing what to do after an accident can help ensure that you will have a strong case. Apologizing or accepting the blame for the accident prematurely can cost you your claim or the compensation amount that you are entitled to. Avoid any statements of that nature and save any concerns about fault for conversations with your lawyer.

It’s key that you understand how to best protect yourself after a car accident. With a lawyer like one from Therman Law Offices at your side, you can receive the quality legal assistance you deserve. For more information, reach out to a skilled car accident lawyer now. 

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