Claims Consultant Lawyer Chicago IL

Do I Need a Claims Consultant Lawyer in Chicago?

Claims Consultant Lawyer Chicago ILAccidents, property damage, or catastrophic events happen. When they do, and you have insurance coverage, you have a natural right to expect your insurance company to come through for you. However, this does not always happen. In fact, approximately one in three claimants will be denied coverage or offered a low-ball settlement that does not come close to covering their losses. In a situation like this, you might need to consult a claims consultant lawyer Chicago, IL has to offer for further advice. 

Will I Get a Fair Settlement?

In general, the goal of any insurance company is to make money. Therefore, if there is a way in which they can avoid paying out a fair settlement, they will very likely take advantage of this option. If you believe you’re being offered a settlement that is too low or it is much less than the damages, it might be a good idea to call a claims consultant lawyer in Chicago, IL. A lawyer from Childress Loucks & Plunkett can investigate your claim and build a strategy that includes undeniable proof of the extent of your losses. This can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Even with the fees of an insurance recovery lawyer, you will very likely come out ahead.

Can My Claim Be Denied?

Even though you might have been paying your policy on time, and for many years, it likely includes a lot of fine print or legal jargon that you don’t understand. Sometimes policy has conditions that will make you ineligible for compensation. When you submit a claim, the insurance adjustor may review all of the conditions to see if one null and voids your submission. If your claim has been denied, it doesn’t mean that’s the end for you. Rather, it means you should explore your other options, and that may begin with talking to a claims consultant in Chicago, IL or assistance. 

Situations that May Warrant the Need for a Chicago, Illinois Claims Consultant Lawyer

It must be noted that some insurance companies are honest and provide clients with good service. If you are happy with what you have been offered, you may not need to retain a public adjuster or lawyer. That being said, if you’ve run into one of the following, a claims consultant lawyer in Chicago, IL should be consulted:

  • – Your claim has been processed incorrectly
  • – Your current adjuster isn’t helping you adequately
  • – The insurance company is pressuring you to accept a settlement that you are not happy with
  • – You don’t understand your policy
  • – You don’t know how to file a claim
  • – You are unfamiliar with how damages should be assessed
  • – Your losses total more than $10,000 in damages

The sooner you call an insurance recovery lawyer about your case, the better your chances may be to recover a fair, practical settlement. There are strict time limits on when you can file a claim. Call Childress Loucks & Plunkett now to schedule a consultation with a leading claims consultant lawyer in Chicago, Illinois.