Insurance Consultant Chicago IL

Insurance Consultant Chicago IL

The Chicago, IL insurance consultant practice of Childress Loucks & Plunkett focuses on righting the wrongs of insurance companies when they do not fulfill their legal obligation to honor valid claims. When you have reason to believe that an insurance company is acting in bad faith, our insurance consultant may review the circumstances of your case to determine a viable legal strategy. It’s an unfortunate fact that at times, litigation is the only alternative for an insurer whose valid claim is not honored by an insurance company. Call Childress Loucks & Plunkett today to schedule a complimentary case review with our insurance consultant to learn if we can help you.


What is the role of an insurance consultant?

If you experienced a loss, we may protect your best interests throughout the claims process. If you anticipate needing to file a claim, you may benefit from meeting with our insurance consultant in Chicago, IL as a preemptive measure. In addition, an insurance consultant from Childress Loucks & Plunkett may provide proactive legal measures on your behalf by reviewing an insurance company’s coverage to determine if there may be a conflict with your loss claim. We also negotiate with insurance companies on our clients’ behalf to protect their right to a fair settlement.


Personal Injury Claims

At Childress Loucks & Plunkett, a common problem that we see is that an insurance company might not approve a valid claim for a personal injury because they wish to avoid a substantial payout. Not only is this unethical, it is illegal and there are laws in place to address this as it is such a widespread problem. Unfortunately, because of the large revenues that insurance companies wish to protect, they often have a team of lawyers on their side during claim conflicts with customers. As a result, the claimant is often bullied into accepting an abysmally small payout, a significant delay in a payout, or no payout at all. This can leave the personal injury victim with no recourse if they do not hire an insurance consultant. At Childress Loucks & Plunkett, we are here to help. Call us today if you are in the midst of a conflict with an insurance company. We can review the circumstances of your claim and provide guidance that may help you make an informed decision about how you wish to proceed.


The Nature of Many Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses. If a claim of significant value is submitted, an insurer will commonly go to great lengths to avoid paying out. This is not true of all insurance companies under all circumstances, but it’s a common problem. At Childress Loucks & Plunkett, we are all too familiar with this. We are aware that even if a person is in need of emergency medical treatment for a serious personal injury, the insurance company might delay paying out indefinitely. In the meantime, the victim’s life is at risk. If that describes your situation, or a family member’s, contact us immediately to speak with an insurance consultant, Chicago IL residents trust.


Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Have you ever filed a claim with your insurance company and had that claim rejected? Did that rejection surprise or even shock you? Too often, our Chicago, Illinois insurance consultants see insurance companies reject claims that they have a duty to pay and/or behave in other ways that are considered to be in “bad faith” under the law. In general, the concept of bad faith means that an individual or entity has failed to live up to contractual obligations in a dishonest or intentional way.

Dishonest or intentional claim rejection is just a single example of bad faith insurance practices. Other common bad faith practices include unduly burdensome demands for documentation, delay of payments without a reasonable basis, significantly discounting the payment that a policyholder is entitled to without a reasonable basis, misrepresentation of a policy or the law and failure to properly and thoroughly investigate claims before rejecting them.

If your insurance company has unjustly rejected a claim that is covered by your policy or has otherwise behaved in a way that may be considered bad faith, please consider scheduling a consultation with a Chicago, IL insurance consultant. Bad faith is a technical area of law and it is not always obvious whether an action has been made in good or bad faith. Please consider connecting with a Chicago, IL insurance consultant so that we can learn about your situation and help you determine whether you have grounds for a case.

It is also important to reach out if an insurance company has behaved in a manner that is threatening. Any threatening behavior outside the boundaries of legally approved bill collection practices may also be an example of bad faith behavior. Basically, if an insurance company is behaving in ways that would reasonably be considered terrible customer service or bad business generally, it is entirely possible that it is behaving in a manner legally considered to be in bad faith.


Why should I have an insurance consultant in Chicago help me with my claim?

People contact us for help with insurance claims that have been “low balled” or denied. Sadly, one third or more people who are filing a claim will find it difficult to get paid – even when they are a good-standing customer. Sometimes this occurs because the claim was improperly filed. Other times, it involves bad faith tactics on the part of the insurance company. In some cases, the scene of damage was not preserved and it’s too late for experts to come in and give their opinion on what happened and why. An insurance consultant in Chicago, Illinois can help.


Should your case be investigated?

Some cases, or claims, will need to be further investigated. Relying on the insurance company for this could result in a biased outcome or a result that is not in your favor. We have access to a broad range of resources, including:







Industrial Hygienists

Auto Mechanics


Fire Investigators 

+ More


These professional experts should have the necessary qualifications to provide expert witness testimony, and if needed, testify in front of a judge or jury. 


Hiring an Insurance Consultant Chicago Trusts Should Not Make Your Dispute Worse

It is a misconception that by hiring a consultant, your dispute will escalate. In fact, by choosing a legal advocate to represent you, it may be possible to resolve your claim efficiently and in a timely manner. The sooner you retain our services, the better you may benefit from the following reasons:


  • We assist in ensuring the claim is handled correctly from the very beginning. 
  • We might prevent the need for litigation.
  • Legal counsel can ensure the claim is reported correctly.
  • Wrongful denials of coverage can be avoided. 
  • We are well aware of the legislation and rules insurance companies must follow. 


It is our goal to settle for maximum damages; therefore, you should have a better chance at recovering what you are rightfully entitled to – within your policy. In the event that your insurance company does not want to adhere to their promises as laid out in the policy or they are acting in bad faith, your insurance consultant in Chicago, IL can help to protect your rights and interests. 


When the Insurance Company Wants You to Speak with Their Attorney

If the insurance company is asking you to consult their own lawyers, it is recommended that you get an insurance consultant as soon as possible. Most likely, they are trying to invalidate your claim or get you to incriminate yourself. Their attorney will almost certainly not have your interests in mind. 

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have questions about an insurance claim that has been denied, please consider reaching out to a Chicago, IL insurance consultant who has experience with bad faith insurance matters. Not every claim that is denied meets the criteria necessary for a successful bad faith case. However, too many Americans are unaware of the fact that this legal solution is available under circumstances that have caused them to struggle personally and financially. The only way to know for sure whether your claim was denied in bad faith is to speak with an attorney. If a lawyer believes you have a strong foundation for a claim, it will ultimately remain up to you to file one or not. Speaking with an attorney at Childress Loucks & Plunkett does not obligate you to act, it only helps to inform your ultimate decision to act or not.

It is also worth noting that under certain circumstances, a Chicago, Illinois insurance consultant may be able to negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf in order to help resolve the matter without legal action. If this option appeals to you, please communicate that fact to an attorney when you meet for an initial consultation. Contact our office to speak with a Chicago, IL insurance consultant now!