Who We Serve

All of our clients sought to reduce and transfer the risk inherent with their significant business and property assets through insurance. We assist in maintaining the benefit of that bargain through a fair claims process or efficient resolution through litigation.

Corporations – CEO, GC, Risk Manager

We partner with your management team as experts in handling insurance disputes and allow you to continue doing what you do best: running your business.

Commercial Property Owners

When you own commercial property there are endless risks affecting your facilities.

Property Managers

We are the experts that work with you and ownership to properly manage insurance issues.


Construction risks require that a robust insurance program delivers on its promise.

Homeowners Association

HOAs are exposed to a variety of risks and liabilities and we assist the Boards in meeting their responsibilities.

Banks / Mortgages

Lenders have very specific rights and duties under insurance policies.


We assist your team with isnurance issues involving management liability, property and general liability coverage.


With the intense financial pressures in the hospitality industry, improving claim performance is a necessity.

Bankruptcy Trustees

We partner with trustees to ensure insurance assets are recovered.

Sophisticated Policyholders

Your unique assets require the right professional to work on your behalf.

Legal Providers

We allow legal providers to market their expertise in insurance matters and properly handle the disputes.


Contractors are often the first to assist the insured and identify damage.

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