When You Need a Property Damage Lawyer Chicago IL Counts On

Property Damage Lawyer Chicago ILIf an individual or company caused significant damage to valuable property you own, and they refuse to reimburse you, legal action may be necessary on your part. At Childress Loucks & Plunkett, our property damage lawyer in Chicago IL has been very successful in recovering such damages on behalf of our clients. When a negligent party refuses to take responsibility for destroying someone’s valuable property, the victim has the legal right to take action against that party to collect compensation. The legal system can be complex and overwhelming for the layperson which is why a property damage lawyer in Chicago IL from our firm can be invaluable.

What is legally considered a valid property damage claim?

When a person’s property is damaged by someone else’s actions, they can file a property damage claim against the at-fault party. A property damage claim is different from a personal injury claim which is based on a victim’s bodily injury or injuries. In many cases, a victim may wish to file a property damage claim in addition to a personal injury claim. A common example is a motor vehicle accident in which the victim’s vehicle is damaged and they also sustained an injury. Your property damage lawyer in Chicago IL from Childress Loucks & Plunkett can assess the monetary value of your damages as well as the circumstances of the accident to determine which claim or claims you can file to seek compensation for those damages.

Filing a Property Damage Claim

In most cases, the victim will file the property damage claim to the appropriate insurance agency with the help of their property damage lawyer in Chicago IL. Depending on the nature of the accident, the insurance company may be the victim’s own carrier or it may be the insurance company of someone else who caused the accident. It’s not always a straightforward process however, and without the assistance of a property damage lawyer in Chicago IL you may have to battle the insurance company, their adjuster, and their attorneys on your own in an attempt to get fair compensation.

Property That Can Be Included in a Damage Claim

A valid property damage claim is one that seeks recovery of damages done to property of value. Below is a partial list of examples. If your damaged property is not on this list, contact our property damage lawyer in Chicago IL to learn if your damages might be recoverable after filing a claim.

  1. Personal property. Common examples include automobiles, boats, antiques, jewelry, clothing, rare books, and electronic devices.
  2. Real property. Common examples include homes and land.
  3. Public property. This is property that a local, state, or federal entity or agency owns.
  4. Common property. This is property that more than one person owns, also known as jointly-owned property.

Childress Loucks & Plunkett Can Protect Your Rights

If your property was damaged by a person or company, whether through their negligence or harmful intentions, you may qualify to receive compensation for that damage. Contact us at Childress Loucks & Plunkett without delay to speak with a property damage lawyer Chicago IL residents choose when they want justice.