An Asset Protection Lawyer Chicago Companies Count On

Asset Protection Lawyer ChicagoAt Childress Loucks & Plunkett, we know from experience that when a company or an individual leaves their assets unprotected, they are increasing their risk exponentially. Our asset protection lawyer in Chicago can help you protect your company or personal portfolio against the myriad of risks that might otherwise make them vulnerable. With our thorough understanding of state and federal laws that can have a substantial impact on your financial security in the wake of litigation or other actions, working with an asset protection lawyer in Chicago from our firm can make all the difference. Call us for a free consultation during which you can discuss your circumstances and learn how we can be of assistance.


What is asset protection?

An asset protection lawyer can help individuals and companies preserve their assets by minimizing their vulnerability to potential lawsuits and other dangers. This is done by restructuring the assets in such a way that they are protected from the following:

  1. Confirm assets sufficiently protected through insurance and risk management
  2. Limit your liability through insurance
  3. Ensure carriers are fulfilling management duties under insurance policies
  4. Retain control of your assets and your business, as a result.


Proactive Measures to Protect Your Assets

Every business and individual is at risk for damage or loss of their assets even in the everyday course of their operations or life. Whether it’s a lawsuit, natural disaster, or other calamity that a company or person might face, when one has already put protections into place with the help of an experienced asset protection lawyer in Chicago it can provide confidence and peace of mind.

Design adequate risk management program

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