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Insurance Claim Lawyer Chicago ILThough you’ve faithfully paid your insurance premiums for years, now that you have filed a claim after a major loss, you might be shocked to experience pushback from your insurance carrier. Perhaps they’re dragging their feet about paying you, maybe they’ve offered a settlement which is far less than fair, or they might have denied your claim altogether. It’s not you — these responses from insurance carriers are far more common than most people realize. At Childress Loucks & Plunkett, we know better because our insurance claim lawyer has represented many Chicago IL residents who were treated unfairly by their own insurance company. In fact, we have recovered substantial payouts for countless hard working folks who were effectively victimized twice: once by a major loss and then secondly by their insurance company. Call us today to find out how our insurance claim lawyer may be able to help you as well.

Are there alternatives to filing a lawsuit against my insurance carrier?

There are three main alternative options: mediation, arbitration, and appraisal. Below is an overview of each. Give us a call to speak with our insurance claim lawyer in Chicago IL to find out more.

  •         Mediation. In this process, the claimant and a representative from the insurance company meet with a third-party professional mediator. The mediator will take a neutral position in an informal setting (as opposed to a courtroom) to negotiate a resolution between the two parties.
  •         Arbitration. This process is more formal than mediation and can be binding or non-binding. The third-party arbitrator can work with the insurer and client to help them reach an agreement, or else the arbitrator can come up with a resolution on their own and dictate their decision. If the two parties had agreed to a binding decision beforehand, they must live with the decision made by the arbitrator.
  •         Appraisal. This method can resolve a dispute regarding the insured loss. An appraisal in this context is not to be confused with a real estate appraisal. It’s a procedure that varies greatly in terms of efficiency and cost.

How long can I wait before deciding to hire an insurance claim lawyer?

Every situation is different because of the unique combination of variables specific to your circumstances. However, as a general rule you should consider consulting an insurance claim lawyer at least 30 days before the one year anniversary of your loss. The reason for this is that you may otherwise hit the statute of limitations deadline for your right to pursue civil litigation against the insurance company. It may be best to contact an insurance claim lawyer before that in case the statute goes into effect sooner under the circumstances. If the insurance company wants their lawyer to question you, or they want to examine you under oath, contact an insurance claim lawyer before you agree to the company’s request.

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We realize you may not know when it’s time to hire a lawyer to protect your rights in a dispute with your insurance company. For that reason, we offer a free consultation during which you can discuss your case with an insurance claim lawyer Chicago IL residents trust and receive the answers you need. Call us today to learn more.