How to Prepare For Dental Implants

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It can be a long road to deciding that you need to get dental implants. If you have teeth that are missing or that are extremely damaged, your dentist may talk with you about the possibility of getting dental implants. Understandably, many patients who are advised to get this procedure want to know what they should expect from it and what the recovery process will be like. Your dentist will take great care when placing dental implants so that you have the best chance of a beautiful outcome and a smooth recovery process. You should speak with your dentist about dental implants if you are concerned about your smile when you have missing teeth.

How to Prepare For Dental Implants

In many cases, your dentist will first need to remove the damaged tooth (if you are not dealing with missing teeth altogether). Though you may be hoping that this will be a quick procedure that is done in one visit, you will need to think of it as different types of procedures. Your first procedure will involve taking out the damaged teeth and then you will need to recover. It is crucial that you follow your dentist’s post-care instructions after this procedure.

Will insurance cover this surgery?

If you are preparing for the surgery, one question you have may be about whether you are paying for the surgery or whether insurance will cover it. If you believe that your insurance should cover your dental implant surgery but your insurance is denying your claim, it is crucial that you retain all documentation regarding your need for surgery, examine your insurance policy terms, and consider working with someone if you believe your dental implant denial was done in bad faith. Many people are happy to find out that their insurance will end up covering this type of procedure.

Understanding More About Dental Implant Surgery

To successfully complete your dental implant placement, your dentist will need to insert titanium implants into your jawbone. These implants take the place of your tooth roots. It is important to understand that since this will be done under some type of sedation or anesthesia, you should have someone ready and waiting to drive you home since it would not be safe for you to drive after. Although it can seem like a long waiting period, you will need to wait several months so that your jawbone and the implant can fuse together.

So much goes into dental implant surgery, so you want to make sure you are working with a team you can trust to do this right for you.

If you are ready to face the world with a new smile, it’s time to call and schedule your consultation today.

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