This is our agreement with respect to the professional culture/environment we choose to live in. We are looking for meaning in our lives. We share common hunger and yearning for: resolution, harmony, productivity and sometimes justice. That is what gives us meaning. That is the common calling that led us to collaborate. How we achieve that goal and receive meaning is, as different as, the individuals in our firm. We celebrate and support that individuality yet must act for the good of the group. In an effort to articulate how we will harmonize the needs of the individual with the needs of the group, we agree to the following guidelines.

1. Our common welfare should come first: personal success depends on our Unity.2. Our one primary purpose: the growth of its people and clients.3. For us, there is but one ultimate authority, the will of the group as expressed through our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants.

4. The main requirement for participation is the desire to be honest, the ability to control your attention, open and willing to follow the group conscience.

5. Any individual or group may be autonomous except in matters affecting us as a whole. Fiefdoms, clicks, godfathers, patrones, chinamen or air cover are not consistent with these principles as they affect our unity as a whole.

6. Any individual has the right to think, speak and act as he wishes so long as they do so deliberately and without malice to others.

7. We recognize and compensate for individual achievement, so long as it does not affect our common welfare.

8. Utilizing individual talents and abilities so that the group gets stronger and continues to produce even better results is our overall goal.

9. The following general principles will guide our choices and actions: Commitment, Honesty, Courage, Passion, Immediacy, Openness, Receptivity, Positivity, and Trust.

10. It is better to understand and support than to judge and criticize. We seek progress rather than perfection. We should give each other the benefit of any doubt.

11. We practice with our hearts as well as our heads.

12. Discovery, growth and connection are the foundation of our firm, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.