Property Damage Lawyer Panama City, FL Property Damage Lawyer Panama City, FL

If someone has caused damage to your property, you should consider hiring a trusted property damage lawyer in Panama City, Florida from Childress Loucks & Plunkett. Our lawyers are dependable and can help you when someone else has damaged your property and you are unsure of what the next steps are to take. Determining liability in property damage cases is not always clear, and you may need the help of a qualified attorney for gathering evidence so that you do not have to pay out of pocket for your property damage. For more information on how a Panama City, FL property damage lawyer can help you, contact us now. 

What if I’m not sure who is liable?

It may be possible that liability is not obvious when it comes to who damaged your property. Perhaps you believe you might be partially at fault or it simply is not clear who is at fault. Especially if you were injured in the same accident that caused property damage (like a car accident), you will want to hire legal representation from a property damage lawyer Panama City, FL residents rely on. If you are found partially at fault, you should discuss this with your attorney. It is possible that you can collect a percentage of the damages for your case. This may even include pain and suffering. 

When should you hire a Panama City property damage lawyer?

This is a great question, and you may be wondering if you even need to hire an attorney at all. However, many property damage accidents also involve personal injury, which is why it is important that you hire an attorney sooner rather than later. Especially when the details of the accident can seem unclear and you are unsure of who is at fault, you want the help of one of our attorneys to answer your questions and represent you should you go to court. 

Further, it is possible that your own insurance or the other party’s insurance company may deny your claim entirely. When this happens, you do not want to be left without a lawyer. 

What if I am already in the process but not getting a fair settlement?

If you have already been speaking with insurance companies and are not getting a fair settlement for your property damage, you can count on our Panama City, FL property damage lawyer. An insurance company is in business specifically to ensure your property, so when they fight your claim, we will fight back on your behalf. 

For more information on how a property damage lawyer in Panama City, FL from Childress Loucks & Plunkett can help you, please set up a consultation now.