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When Truck Accidents Occur in the Course of Employment

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Driving a large commercial truck is a notoriously hazardous profession. So, as it turns out, is professionally driving any kind of vehicle near a large commercial truck. Because of their size, weight, and construction, it is simply more difficult for trucks to stop suddenly, to turn precisely, and for their drivers to properly perceive those around them. As a result, large commercial trucks are truly dangerous machinery and crash with at an alarming rate.

It is critically important for anyone who has been involved in an accident with a truck – whether they were driving a truck at the time of the crash or not – to understand their legal options in the wake of their wreck. If the wreck was work-related, it is likely that anyone who has suffered injuries as a result is entitled to at least one type of compensation.

Personal Injury Damages

As an experienced truck accident lawyer can explain in a more personalized context, anyone who suffers injury as a result of another’s negligence, recklessness, or intentionally dangerous conduct is in a potential position to receive significant compensation as a result of their harm. This is, perhaps, true more often than not in truck accident cases because there are potentially so many different parties who may be named as defendants in an injury victim’s lawsuit.

For example, if a driver was struck by a truck operator who was sleep deprived, the injured driver may have cause to file legal action against the truck driver and their employer who encouraged them to operate while sleepy. Upon additional investigation, it may also be discovered that an ill-maintained road and a defective truck part contributed to the causes of the crash. The injury victim would be able to pursue damages against a government agency and a parts manufacturer under these circumstances as well. An experienced attorney can explore who may be held accountable in your situation after thoroughly reviewing the facts of your case.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If your crash was work-related and you’re not properly classified as an independent contractor, chances are good that you’re eligible for workers’ compensation benefits as a result of the harm you’ve suffered. Unlike personal injury damages, workers’ compensation benefits aren’t contingent upon a determination of fault. If you weren’t trying to get hurt (and you weren’t drunk, high, or instigating a road rage incident) and your crash was work-related, you should remain entitled to receive benefits regardless of why your crash occurred.

Note that pursuing these benefits is a uniquely time-sensitive endeavor, so if you haven’t yet spoken with an attorney about applying for this form of compensation, don’t wait a single day longer to do so.

Insurance Settlement Offers

Insurance companies do what they can to protect their bottom line. If you can enlist the services of an attorney to negotiate with insurance representatives on your behalf, you’ll be better positioned to receive the compensation you deserve.

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