6 Ways Bicycle Accidents Happen

A bicycle accident can happen just about anywhere, regardless of whether a location is in a rural or populated area. When bicycles are near larger vehicles like cars and trucks, the chance of an accident is high. Drivers are not always paying enough attention because they are in a hurry or are too impatient to look at their surroundings. Unfortunately, this puts cyclists at a much higher risk of injury. There are many ways that a bicycle accident can happen and it’s important for everyone to know how they can occur.

Not Looking Around

When people are not careful about how they navigate their surroundings, they can put many people at risk. They not only risk getting struck by others, but they can impede traffic and cause an accident because they are not paying attention. This applies to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Many bicycle accidents happen because a person is not paying attention because they are preoccupied with their phone, not looking at traffic signs, or other reasons. You should always look both ways whenever you are in an intersection so that you can safely walk through an intersection and minimize the chances of an accident occurring.


Speeding is one of the most common traffic violations. Drivers speed for several reasons. They might be running late, are impatient, are unaware of the area’s speed limits, or are experiencing road rage. Whatever the case, speeding is dangerous and can put others at risk. People who travel on bicycles are even more vulnerable because they do not have much protection other than clothing, helmets or other protective gear.

Reckless Driving 

Reckless driving refers to driving in a way that puts the lives of others at risk and exhibits a disregard for safety, according to a bicycle accident lawyer like one from Schehr Law. It refers to a number of practices, such as street racing, overtaking another vehicle, and speeding when weather is at low visibility. Weaving in and out of lanes is another example. Reckless driving can increase your likelihood of losing control of your vehicle and failing to stop in time to avoid striking a cyclist.

Mistimed Turns

If a driver does not time an unprotected turn properly, such as a left turn near oncoming traffic or a turn going in or out of a neighborhood, the consequences can be disastrous. Unprotected left turns are one of the most common ways that accidents occur. Cyclists are at even higher risk of suffering an injury from these types of accidents because they have no protection. They have limited time to avoid a vehicle that fails to turn properly.

You can access legal services available if you have been a victim in a bicycle accident. There are damages that you can recover with the legal counsel and guidance from a lawyer. For more information about how you can get compensation following a bicycle accident, reach out to a qualified and experienced bicycle accident lawyer in your area.

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