Car Accident Facts

Car Accident Kansas City, MOIf you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, contact an experienced car accident lawyer today and start your journey towards compensation. 

 Car accident lawyers understand that following a car accident, victims may face injuries and seek medical attention, all while starting the legal process of filing a claim. There may be confusion surrounding all that goes into filing a claim, working with a car accident attorney, and pursuing compensation for damages incurred. Trusted attorneys do not want their clients to feel overwhelmed in the process, but rather empowered to fight for what they rightfully deserve. The following are a few facts that car accident lawyers tell their clients following an accident. 

First, right after an accident takes place, the client should get the other driver’s information. By obtaining the driver’s contact information, and taking a picture of their license and insurance information, the client is taking steps to protect their legal rights. The client is also required to share their information with the other driver as well if the accident has damaged the cars or resulted in injury from those involved. 

Second, clients should document evidence shortly after the accident takes place. This is done by taking pictures of the scene of the accident and seeking a medical evaluation as soon as possible. Recording damages and injuries will aid in building a strong case, and seeking higher compensation. 

Third, car accident lawyers counsel their clients to refrain from apologizing for the accident. Since whatever you say can be used against you, attorneys advise their clients not to give a statement, or comment regarding the nature of the accident. By admitting fault, clients may potentially lose out on their entitled compensation. 

What type of cases do car accident lawyers handle?

Some of the more common cases that attorneys can aid their clients with include hit-and-runs, pedestrian accidents, drunk driving, head-on collisions, rear-end collisions, and t-bone accidents. Whether their clients are at partial or no fault in the accident, experienced attorneys such as those from the Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. may be able to offer assistance. If you have been injured due to another driver’s reckless or careless driving, speak to a car accident lawyer and work towards obtaining the highest settlement available. 


Attorneys understand how difficult recovering from a car accident can be for their clients. Whether their clients have sustained physical, emotional, or mental injuries from an accident, recovery may take time. Medical intervention, hospital stays, surgery, and time off of work can all cause a heavy financial burden for a car accident victim. The more severe the injuries and the longer the recovery time required, the larger the settlement should be for the client. Experienced car accident lawyers will take all of the damages incurred, and injuries sustained into consideration when advocating for their clients, and pursuing just compensation. Don’t fight this battle alone, but allow a trusted attorney to help you today. 


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