Bad Faith Claim Lawyer Chicago IL

Bad Faith Claim Lawyer Chicago ILAny bad faith claim lawyer Chicago Illinois knows that you spend years paying insurance premiums on your home, car, even your life. It is supposed to provide you with a peace of mind knowing coverage is there in case of an emergency. Automobile policies are required to purchase a car. Homeowner’s insurance is mandatory to get a home loan. In the unfortunate event, you need to file a claim against one of your policies, you assume the claim will be handled fairly and in a prompt manner. 

What do you do if feel your claim was handled badly, denied without a proper investigation of the details of your claim, or simply denied for reasons you do not understand? Remember, you are not obligated to accept the actions of your insurance provider, including a settlement amount or denial. 

An insurance claim lawyer Chicago IL with experience in dealing with bad faith insurance claims can assist you with the procedure for filing a claim against your insurance provider. The firm of Childress, Loucks & Plunkett employs bad faith claim lawyer Chicago IL familiar with the steps to take to file a bad faith insurance claim.

Examine the Terms of Your Insurance Policy

Be sure you have the full, dated copy of your insurance policy and review it with your bad faith claim lawyer Chicago IL. Examine the coverage to find the paragraph that states your claim is covered. You should do this prior to filing a bad faith lawsuit so that you can know for certain that the contract was violated.

Keep Records of the Denied Claim

  • You have to be able to prove that your claim is covered per the conditions detailed in your insurance policy.
  • Put together all evidence and documents, including any police reports, photographs, receipts, estimates for repair or replacement, and any correspondence with the insurance provider.
  • Keep detailed records of all your correspondence, meetings, calls, and emails with the insurance provider. Include the time period, who you were in contact with, and the discussion topics. These are items you’ll want to review with your bad faith claim lawyer Chicago IL.

Document Everything Concerning the Claim Denial

  • Ask for a supervisor that works for your insurance provider to review your claim and the denial.
  • If you cannot get the denial reversed, contact the insurance regulatory agency in your state. This office is tasked with reviewing insurance claims that are contested.
  • Sometimes the insurer will reverse their denial of coverage during the review process.
  • Make sure you have records of any correspondence with the insurance provider, including any documentation concerning the claim denial.

Show You Tried Again to Settle Your Claim

  • Prior to considering to file a bad faith lawsuit, you have to prove that you attempted to settle the claim. To do that, send your insurance company a demand letter, in writing, illustrating the specifics of your claim. Send it return receipt to have proof you sent it. 
  • The insurance company has 15-60 days from the time you make the demand to pay or deny the claim. You cannot file a lawsuit until after the allowed time has passed.

The last step you need to do before filing a bad faith lawsuit is to file a formal complaint with the state department of insurance. Depending on the services provided in your state, they will try to use mediation to resolve your claim. If you file a claim as well as a complaint to the state, however, you will limit what the state can do to resolve the claim through mediation.

If you wish to file a bad faith claim against your insurance provider, know that it is a complicated procedure. You need a skilled and experienced bad faith claim lawyer Chicago IL in these types of cases. Contact the attorneys at Childress, Loucks & Plunkett talk about what to expect in a case like yours and how to proceed.