Commonly Used Personal-Injury Terms

Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve never dealt with a personal injury lawyer, then you probably never had to deal with the personal injury case before which means you might not know the commonly used terms that are involved in a personal injury case and that is important.

This is why the personal injury lawyers here are going to teach you some of the most common phrases, so that you are not left in the dark.

Abstract of Title: this is going to be a chronological summary of official records and documents that are going to affect the ability of transfer on real estate property.

Ad Litem: this is a term for the purposes of a lawsuit, essentially it says that somebody may a be appointed to stand in court on someone else’s behalf if they are incapable of representing themselves to the courts, this is most often used in cases with children, or adults who were found to be legally incompetent due to illness, mental illness or some other factor.

Adjudicate: this is simply another word to say resolve, this is typically used in the terms for legal cases being completely resolved by the there being settled outside of court or by having the court find an answer or decision.

Assumption of Risk: this is a phrase that tells you that somebody has voluntarily proceeded with the risk despite knowing about this risk and being aware of the danger. In this instance, this would be like looking at a one bite rule for dogs, and the dog that bit you has never bitten anyone else before and this is its first bite which means the owner’s liability free of obligation, and it means that you are assuming the risk by going around that dog.

Civil Rights: this is a pretty simple one, it’s a group of rights that everyone in the United States have under the U.S. Constitution. This covers everyone whose rights have ever been violated and allows him to file a lawsuit against a person, a private company, a public company or even government agencies. 

Claim (personal injury): this is what we call any civil action that is tied into a physical or mental harm that a defendant has caused the plaintiff. So essentially if you are filing a personal injury claim, you have been injured by negligence or on purpose by somebody else or something else, and you are filing to see that they compensate you.

Comparative Negligence: comparative negligence is going to be looking at the plaintiff’s contribution to the accident versus the defendants negligence, and not every state uses comparative negligence but many do. If you have any questions about whether your state uses comparative negligence talk to your personal injury lawyer in Houston TX.

Standard of Care: the standard of care is looking at usually cases of negligence, and it’s looking at the degree of which the person that caused the negligence should have had reasonably to protect the other person that was injured or harmed by neglect.

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