How to Protect Yourself Against Sexual Assault

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Sexual assault can happen to anyone, no matter what age, gender, sexual orientation, economic status or race. If someone made you feel violated or threatened with sexual acts, please remember that it is not your fault. Regardless of what you are wearing or what you are drinking, you should not be victim at the hands of a sexual offender.

If you have become a victim of sexual assault, you can rely on the empathy and strategy of an attorney. They do not take cases of sexual assault lightly. Your perpetrator should not be able to walk away unscathed while you suffer the emotional, physical and even financial consequences of their actions. While preventing sexual assault is not entirely possible, there are methods you can practice to help keep yourself and others safe.

  • Go to parties with friends. Travel together, check in throughout the night and leave at the same time as a group. Do not leave anyone behind and agree on the plans for the night so every person is on the same page.
  • Meet new people or dates in a public place with plenty of people around. If in the event this person you meet becomes threatening, there are others around to help you and/or call the police.
  • Trust your instincts about situations or places. If something just doesn’t feel right about a person or environment but you cannot pinpoint why, listen to this message. Sometimes our bodies can subconsciously pick up little cues that we are not aware of with our conscious mind.
  • Establish a safety code word with your friends and family. If you have to call a loved one because you are in an unsafe environment but are unable to state exactly what is happening, use a code word. This word means your friend or family member needs to call for help right away or come get you immediately. You can send them a text saying to call you with a false emergency so you have to excuse yourself from the person you are with that is making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not put your drink down, and do not let anyone pour your cup. You may have heard this often, but it still couldn’t be more true. Drugs can be easily slipped into your drink as you take a trip to the bathroom. If someone offers to get you a drink, follow them to the area and pour it yourself. If this person is insistent that you wait while they grab the drink for you, that could be a red flag that this person does not have good intentions.

An sexual assault lawyer VA offers can answer any questions you may have about whether sexual assault may have happened to you. Most law offices offer a complimentary consultation for all new clients. You do not have to fight this by yourself, an attorney can offer support and guidance.



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