What Can You Do When Your Insurance Claim is Denied?

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Getting into an accident when it wasn’t your fault can be terrifying. However, running through a checklist of what you need to do can be helpful, especially before you file an insurance claim. You notified your own insurance company, filed a report with the police, made your claim with the other driver’s insurance company, and even got medical treatment for any injuries you sustained. You think that you have done everything necessary so that you can get the claim approved and receive the necessary compensation for damages done to your car and injuries you sustained. However, the other driver’s insurance company is now claiming that their driver was not the one at fault at all and thus they are refusing to cover any of your costs. What can you do in this situation? It is best to hire an attorney when an insurance company has denied your claim.

Why was my claim denied?

When an insurance company denies your claim, you may be feeling frustrated that you will not be receiving the compensation you need to recoup money for car damage that occurred from the accident or for personal injuries that you sustained. However, it can be very helpful to understand the reasons that an insurance company may have denied your claim when you are talking with your insurance recovery attorney.

  • Policy Exclusions. When it comes to the fine print, and insurance policy likely has many things they include that they won’t cover. One of the most common circumstances that an insurance policy might not cover is what is known as “an act of God”. When this happens, it is usually a natural occurrence that no one can reasonably expect.
  • A Lapsed Policy. If the other driver has not been paying their premiums up until the point of the accident, it is possible that their policy lapsed. When this happens, the insurance company can say even if the driver was responsible for the accident, insurance did not cover them at the time.
  • Liability Disputes. While you may claim that the other driver was responsible for the accident, the insurance company may say that their policyholder was not the person who caused the accident. This type of dispute may also happen if the insurance company does not believe your injuries or property damage were the result of this specific accident.
  • The Policyholder Failed to Notify. When this is the case, if the policyholder did not notify their insurance company of the accident, their insurance company can claim they do not have a reasonable amount of time to investigate the details of the accident.

Can You Appeal the Denial?

There are typically different processes if you would like to appeal a denied claim with the insurance company. When you speak with your insurance recovery attorney, they can help you determine what the necessary evidence is that you need would when submitting your appeal.

Don’t hesitate to get the help you need when you are appealing your denial with an insurance company. You deserve to get compensation when you are the victim in a car accident. For more information, please contact a Chicago insurance consultant lawyer at Childress, Loucks & Plunkett.

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