Lawyers Specializing in Insurance Recovery Chicago IL

Lawyers Specializing in Insurance Recovery Chicago ILWhen you need lawyers specializing in insurance recovery Chicago Illinois, contact Childress Loucks & Plunkett.

Most of the time, when you file a claim with your insurance provider, you receive information concerning a resolution to your claim within a specified amount of time required by your policy. Either your claim is approved, denied, or is in need of further investigation to determine the validity of the claim. 

What can you do if your claim has not been addressed? What if your claim was denied but you were not given a valid reason? What if the amount the insurance company wants to give you is far below the damages you incurred? What if you contact the insurance company and do not get a response or are treated disrespectfully?

Insurers have a legal obligation to provide the service agreed upon in the insurance policy. A policy you signed and pay a monthly or yearly contract amount. A policy, in the event you need to enact its benefits, should provide you with monetary compensation for damages incurred that are covered based on the provisions of the policy.

When insurers do not live up to their contractual obligations by unreasonably denying your claim, failing to address your claim, or by reimbursing you at a much lower rate than what was reasonably expected, the company is said to be acting in bad faith. When this happens, you need to contact lawyers specializing in insurance recovery Chicago IL

If an adjuster has a different view of what your claim is valued than you does not mean the adjuster is operating in bad faith. However, if the adjuster denies your claim without a valid reason or without sufficiently investigating the claim, he may be operating using bad faith tactics. 

First Step for Countering Possible Bad Faith Tactics

If you are concerned that your insurance company’s adjuster is acting in bad faith, discuss the claim with them, using the term operating in ‘bad faith’. If you are not happy with their response, compose correspondence with the insurance provider, pointedly referring to the behavior of the adjuster that you feel constitutes bad faith. 

Typically, written complaints of bad faith get the attention of the insurance company in a more timely manner. If warranted, it may receive a prompt reversal of the adjuster’s previous decision. If the insurance provider is deemed to have used bad faith tactics in its dealings with your claim, the company may be liable for damages greater than the insured originally filed for. Lawyers specializing in insurance recovery Chicago IL can help you navigate this.

Do You Have to Take the Insurance Company to Court?

It is important to know the definition of bad faith in your state because rules vary depending on where you live. It can be complicated and difficult to win damages for bad faith in court. However, lawyers specializing in insurance recovery Chicago IL can represent you in your quest for a settlement offer that is reasonable and fair. The attorneys at Childress Loucks & Plunkett can assist you in negotiating with the insurance company, defending your legal rights and reminding the insurance companies of their legal responsibility in upholding the terms of your insurance policy. Do not let the vastness of the insurance company deter you from obtaining a fair settlement for a valid claim. When you need help from lawyers specializing in insurance recovery Chicago IL, contact Childress Loucks & Plunkett.