Property Damage Lawyer Chicago IL

When Is It Time to Hire a Property Damage Lawyer

If your business suffered significant property loss or damage of some kind, you may be wondering if you need to hire a property damage lawyer in Chicago IL. At Childress Loucks & Plunkett, we understand that a business owner might hesitate in contacting a lawyer. Whether this is due to cost concerns or a reluctance to initiate litigation, we encourage you to contact us. During a no-cost, no-obligation consultation you can learn whether or not hiring a property damage lawyer in Chicago IL is a feasible option. Our legal team can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Property Damage Can Be a Significant Loss

Depending on the nature of the property damage and the company’s core business, the loss may entail more than the initial damage which may be costly in and of itself. However, related damages could outweigh the property damage itself, as our property damage lawyer in Chicago IL knows very well.

  1. Productivity loss/employee downtime. If the property damage restricts your employees’ ability to do their jobs, it could slow or stop your company’s workflow or efficiency. For many companies, employee wages are one of their highest costs of doing business. If your staff is unable to work because their area is unsafe or inaccessible (before and during repairs) that could be a significant loss of revenue in addition to having to pay employees while they are not working. Talk to your property damage lawyer in Chicago IL about the process of including these damages in your insurance claim.
  2. Loss of customer confidence. If your products or services cannot be delivered to customers on time, despite the fact that your property damage is temporary, they may shop elsewhere. Customer loyalty is no guarantee that they will maintain their patience. And once they’ve switched to a competitor, you may not get them back after your company is running again at full strength.
  3. Injuries as a result of the property damage. If an employee, customer, or passerby was hurt during the course of action that damaged your property, you might face additional damages in the form of personal injury claims and/or civil lawsuits. In fact, you may not yet know if any claims or lawsuits are pending if they have not yet been filed. If your company is found liable, this could represent a significant amount of damages. Our property damage lawyer in Chicago IL from Childress Loucks & Plunkett can analyze your company’s needs and provide guidance as to insurance protection against personal injury claims and lawsuits.

Insurance Disputes

If your company filed a claim for property damages suffered, but your carrier is not acting in good faith, call us at Childress Loucks & Plunkett. We may be able to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. We can also help you in a proactive manner by providing guidance on obtaining the appropriate insurance to protect your company’s best interests.

If would like to know more, contact us at Childress Loucks & Plunkett to speak with a property damage lawyer Chicago IL business professionals respect.