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How to Clean Up Oils Spills

Oil Spill Cleanup Service

Oil spills can have a devastating effect on the environment and hurt business operations. Companies that are responsible for these spills may face huge fines and a tarnished reputation, even if the spill was clearly an accident. That is why it is critical to mitigate the damage as soon as possible. Oil spills can do a lot of damage, so the sooner you clean it up, the better.


Dispersants are frequently used to clean up oil spills in tropical regions, like the Caribbean and Australia. A dispersant essentially breaks the oil apart by letting it mix with water. Once the oil breaks apart, it develops droplets of oil and water, which increases the rate of evaporation. This method works best when used within a couple hours of an oil spill.

Floating Devices

When oil floats on water, a floating device can usually restrain it. Floating booms, for example, can surround oil spills or push them away from wildlife. Skimmers, on the other hand, float across the spill and scoop the oil into tanks. Floating devices work most effectively on calm waters.

Biological Agents

Sometimes oil spills reach a coastline and can be a big threat to wildlife. In this situation, biological agents are typically used to remove the oil spill. Fertilizing agents are applied to the coastline to grow bacteria, which breaks down the oil into natural compounds. Eventually the compounds get absorbed in the ground.

Natural Dispersal

If an oil spill is not near coastal regions and does not harm wildlife, natural dispersal may be used. This method essentially allows the oil to break down naturally. As the oil breaks down, it mixes with water and sand, creating tar balls. These substances are not a danger to the environment anymore.

Hiring an Oil Spill Cleanup Company

If your company has spilled oil, it is important to contact an oil spill cleanup service, like Nielsen Environmental, as soon as possible. They will determine which method of oil spill cleanup is best and get to work immediately. The sooner the oil spill is cleaned up, the less damage it will ultimately do to the environment.

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