Core Claims Process Redesign: Part II

There are ways you can to protect yourself from not receiving an optimum claims payout due to CCPR) but they each boil down to remaining vigilant and not hesitating to get help when you need it to protect your insured interests. First and most important is to recognize that the insurance company’s adjuster is not your advocate and cannot be expected to protect your interests when complications in the claim process arise. You may consider retaining a professional or consultant to guide you through this process, which is one of the services RiskWorldWide provides to policyholders and claimants. A public adjuster may also be an asset to a policyholder following a loss as someone who, for a living, negotiates insurance claims, handles them, adjusts them, and interfaces with the insurance companies on the policyholder’s behalf. As the counterpart to the insurer’s adjuster, they have your best interest in mind. One of the most valuable things RiskWorldWide brings to the table is the experience and knowledge of how similar claims and similar losses have been resolved in the past.

Some people will say that the shift in the industry toward CCPR-type claim handling is just capitalism at work. Yes, we have the freedom to make money in this country but you have to look insurance’s role in that system. Being the financial safety net of the country, insurance requires the trust of the policyholders. They haven’t gone out and said they were going to raise your premiums and provide you with the same coverage, they just did so less conspicuously through this shrouded process. So when they operate under this shroud we need to hold the insurance companies accountable for their actions.

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